Your midterm paper is a 3-5 page analytical essay on one topic we have covered in this class. You should take one specific popular culture topic and read it through one or more theoretical lenses. This paper should ideally build on a blog post, adding more careful exposition and depth of analysis.

Final Paper

For the final paper in this course, you may choose any topic in our contemporary society; you are not limited to the topics we have discussed in class. You should make a central argument about this topic that subsumes other critical concerns (for example, that Facebook is in fact an ideological state apparatus that interpellates in our various identities, including gender, sexuality, and race). Your aim is to give as convincing an argument as possible about your theoretical interpretation(s) of your topic; in the best of cases, your paper will radically change the way we think about that topic. The paper should be 5-7 pages and will be revised at least once.


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